Sean Paul – Stage One [iTunes]

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Sean Paul - Stage One iTunes

Sean Paul – Stage One iTunes

01 Mental Prelude
02 She Want It
03 Infiltrate
04 Nicky (Skit)
05 Haffi Get De Gal Ya (Hot Gal Today)
06 Real Man
07 Dutty Techniques (Skit)
08 Check It Deeply
09 Mek It Go So Den
10 Examples Of Things Not To Do In Bed (Skit) 11 Deport Them
12 Tiger Bone
13 Faded
14 Definite
15 Shineface (Skit)
16 Disrespect
17 Sound The Alarm
18 Uptowners (Skit)
19 No Bligh
20 Slap Trap
21 Strategy
22 A Word From The Hon. Minister (Skit)
23 Next Generation
24 You Must Loose

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