LiL Aj & Joe Blow – Lash Brothers [2018]

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LiL Aj & Joe Blow – Lash Brothers [2018]

3 months ago
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LiL Aj & Joe Blow - Lash Brothers album zip

New Album By LiL Aj & Joe Blow – Lash Brothers

01. Say No Mo 04:06
02. Juice 04:38
03. We Strapped 06:16
04. Praying For Freedom 02:32
05. Favor For A Favor 03:33
06. Nightmares 03:30
07. Chemical Babies 04:05
08. Product Of My Environment 03:20
09. Luxury Rap 03:07
10. Summer Breeze 03:33
11. Kick Doe 04:12
12. Shady 03:02
13. Wild Wild West 02:20

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17 Replies to “LiL Aj & Joe Blow – Lash Brothers [2018]”

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