Kanye West – Ye [iTunes][2018]

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Kanye West – Ye [iTunes][2018]

3 months ago
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Kanye West - Ye ALBUM

New Album By KANYE WEST – YE iTunes Version

01.I Thought About Killing You
03.All Mine
04.Wouldn’t Leave
05.No Mistakes
06.Ghost Town
07.Violent Crimes




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30 Replies to “Kanye West – Ye [iTunes][2018]”

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  4. i downloaded the album earlier today, now i check and the every thing but the album title is different
    which is the real one¿

    1. the first link was the stream version since kanye did not drop his album until the next day the one we got now is the official itunes version

  5. To many bitchs complaining, you broke can’t afford to buy it ? SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BROKE BITCHS GET IFF MY BOSSES DICK

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