Juvenile – 400 Degreez [DOWNLOAD]

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juvenile - 400 degreez download now

1. Ha
2. Gone Ride With Me
3. Flossin Season
4. Ghetto Children
5. Follow Me Now
6. Welcome 2 the Nolia
7. U.P.T
8. Run For It
9. Ha (Hot Boy Remix)
10. Rich Niggaz
11. Back That Azz Up
12. Off Top
13. 400 Degreez
14. Juvenile on Fire
15. Ha (Jay-Z Remix)


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    cwaldenwaldo September 7, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    suprised ur older links still working but this is wrong. track 15 i have it. i have both versions because when they first came out with 400 degrees they made so many copies and when back that ass up blew the fuck up. they came out with the re release in 1998 or later or some shit. i can’t remember off top but this albuum blew on the 2nd single. I never seen a album not sell for months then sell triple platinum in like 3 months becuase of 1 song. that’s just insane. back in the days when 1 song could get ut a hit album. I miss those days of cd’s. My point is this:? the re release has the jay z remix and 18 tracks. the original version has 16 tracks i believe and the last track was called “Soulja Rag” Cause he tried to bring up a song from his last album but then they scratched that and added 1 song and 2 remix’s. Fix this. Thanks

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