Jai Paul – Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) [iTunes]

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01.One Of The Bredrins
02.Str8 Outta Mumbai
03.Zion Wolf Theme (Unfinished)
04.Garden Of Paradise (Instrumental)
05.Genevieve (Unfinished)
06.Raw Beat (Unfinished)
07.Crush (Unfinished)
08.Good Time
09.Jasmine (Demo)
10.100,000 (Unfinished)
11.Vibin’ (Unfinished)
12.Baby Beat (Unfinished)
13.Desert Rivet (Unfinished)
14.Chix (Unfinished)
15.All Night (Unfinished)
16.BTSTU (Demo)

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