2Pac – Immortal [iTunes]

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2Pac - Immortal iTunes

2Pac – Immortal iTunes

1. 2Pac-War Gamez Dissing Bad Boy Mobb Deep The Firm
2. 2Pac Feat Snoop Dogg-If There s A Cure I Don t Wa
3. 2Pac Feat The Outlawz-Black Cotton Original
4. 2Pac-Ambitionz As A Fighta Mike Tyson Tribute
5. 2Pac Feat Danny Boy-Welcome 2 Death Row
6. 2Pac-Po Nigga Blues
7. 2Pac-Niggaz Nature Original
8. 2Pac-Let Them Things Go
9. 2Pac Feat The Outlawz-Crooked Nigga Too
10. 2Pac-Ghetto Gospel Original
11. 2Pac-Changes Original
12. 2Pac Feat Big Syke Nate Dogg-Changed Man
13. 2Pac Feat The Outlawz-Holla If You Hear Me Origin
14. 2Pac-Ballad Of A Dead Soulja
15. 2Pac-16 On Death Row
16. 2Pac Feat The Outlawz-NIGGA
17. 2Pac Feat The Outlawz-Immortal

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